Terms & Conditions

By making a booking with P&W Marquees Ltd you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions.

Booking and Cancellation Policy

A deposit of 20% of the total price will be taken upon booking and the full payment must be made two weeks before the set up date.

The booking is not secure until a deposit has been paid.

Quotations are only valid for two weeks from the date they were given.

Cancellation Policy:

Once the booking has been made and a deposit taken, if the booking was to be cancelled £50 of this deposit is non-refundable at any time. For the remaining deposit/full amount the terms are:

Two weeks before event date: no refund

Two weeks to one month before event date: no refund on deposit.

Longer than one month before the event date: full refund (except £50 charge).

We reserve the right to refuse and/or cancel any booking at any time, for any reason. In this case a full refund will be given.

A extra deposit of £50 (orders under £400) or 15% of total booking (orders over £400) will be taken when the booking is made, which will be returned in full once the marquee(s) and equipment have been collected and there have been no damages caused to the equipment.

A damage waiver charged at 5% of the total price can also be purchased. If any accidental damage is caused the person(s) hiring the marquee they will not be charged. This excludes intentional damage and any damage caused by cigarettes/fire as these are not allowed in the marquee.

Cleaning and Charges

Carpet – A £25 cleaning charge will be taken from the deposit if the carpet is returned without being cleaned to the original state it was delivered.

Chairs – For chairs returned dirty a £10 cleaning charge will be applied for less than 10 chairs and a £25 cleaning charge for 10 chairs or more.

Tables – Table cloths must be used as food may stain the tables. For tables returned dirty a £10 cleaning charge will be applied for less that 5 tables, for 5 or more a £25 cleaning charge will be applied.

PVC Marquee Walls – A £25 cleaning charge will be applied for marks on the walls, if selotape is used it must be removed along with the sticky glue left on the PVC once removed – this will also incur a £25 cleaning charge if left on.


Any damages caused by the person(s) hiring the equipment must be paid in full unless they are caused by general wear and tear, adverse weather conditions or by the fault of the hirer.

We understand that carpets take a lot of wear and tear and we won’t charge for example holes created by heels or stains from food and drink. Small tears in the carpet or marquee that we can repair ourselves will not be met with any charges. The charges are mainly for extensive damages that are irreparable, such as large burn holes. Smoking is not permitted when there are linings or carpet in the marquee. Any burn marks will be charged at £10 each.

Chairs can only seat a maximum weight of 18 stone and this limit must not be exceeded.


This agreement between the hirer (P&W Marquees Ltd) and the persons hiring the marquee is for all equipment to be hired for up to one week only. Extras charges for extended periods (more than one week) may be added, this will be agreed before the booking is made.

An extra £30 delivery charge is added to orders under £50.

Heating, Lighting and Wiring

When the marquee is not in use all lighting and heating must be switched off. The person(s) hiring the marquee must pay for any damages that may be caused to the marquee when the lights and/or heating have been left on whilst not in use.

13 amp household connector plug sockets must not be left outside when not in use. Once you are finished using the power supply at your event, you must unplug the cable from inside the house and bring the leads and connectors inside the marquee to protect them from weather damages (making sure the marquee doors are closed).

Heaters must not be removed from their designated set up position as this could cause them to be placed dangerously. The settings on the heaters must also not be changed. They are set on the highest setting that the plugs and wires can handle (level 2). If they are moved or the settings changed the persons hiring the marquee must pay for all damages that may have been caused.

Due to varying weather conditions, temperature and personal preference, it is unsure exactly how many heaters are required in different size marquees. Therefore we cannot guarantee the heat will be sufficient based on the number of heaters that have been chosen to be used in the marquee. For marquees larger than 6x9 meters, non electric heating may need to be sourced.

All cabling is fitted with an rcd unit that must be used at all times. This is designed to reduce the risk of electric shock. In order to use the rcd, it must be plugged into the socket and then the reset button pressed before it will work.


Please note that marquees are only temporary structures and as such are not built like a permanent structure. There may be slight air gaps, or the wind may cause the windows and doors to move.

We can try our best to accommodate placing the marquee close to a house door entrance, however it cannot be guaranteed that it will be touching the house and there will usually be a slight gap. It is not the responsibility of P&W Marquees Ltd to secure the marquee to the house and protect any rain entering this gap. It is not the company’s responsibility to try and add any materials to close this gap, for example connecting something to the house and the marquee. It is also not the companies responsibility to ensure that the house door can be opened straight into the marquee.

If you require the marquee placing close to the house or for the house door to be opened into the marquee, this must be agreed before the booking is made so that the correct evaluations can be made.

In the colder months lots of condensation can form on the roof of the marquee and this may cause linings to become damp and water may drop from the ceiling. This is not caused by a leak in the marquee roof and is an issue that cannot be helped.


Extra charges may be added for long distance deliveries or where there are problems with access to a site. The person(s) hiring the equipment will be made aware of these charges in advance.


We reserve the right to cancel any event due to adverse weather conditions. In strong winds and stormy conditions marquees may become a public hazard. If this happens the person(s) hiring the marquee will be given a full refund. Strong winds can cause marquees to be lifted from the ground and moved even if they are tightly secured. The persons hiring the marquee must keep all windows and doors closed during times of heavy winds and at all times when the marquee is not in use. If marquees appear dangerous in adverse weather, for example they are moving or lifting, the person(s) hiring the marquee must call P&W Marquees immediately to notify them of this problem so that the appropriate action can be taken as quickly as possible.


Whilst the marquee/equipment is being set up, persons not employed by P&W Marquees Ltd must remain out of the set up area until the set up is complete. The area may be dangerous and children should be made aware of this.

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